Fallsound: Found Single

by Nightmare Puppy

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I went for a walk and found a broken classical guitar on a bonfire (thankfully unlit). Sitting on the pile of unburnt wood, I slid the headstock (no longer attached) under the end of the neck, reattached strings and used a balance of tensions to hold it in place, then replaced the nut with a nearby twig (a picture of this guitar is included as a bonus item if you download the song).

I wondered if by finding an instrument I could facetiously call it a "found instrument" and laughed because I still couldn't produce True Found Music with my found instrument. In any case, I thought I would use this musical offering that Fate had provided me with to record a tribute to True Found Music. The sounds you will hear within these three minutes may not strike you as being consistently musical, but that is tough because they were made with a found instrument and therefore are under the aegis of True Found Music.

In order to keep my found instrument as not un-found as possible, I used nothing artificial to tamper with it (aside from the found nut that was pretty necessary to get an audible sound out of it), so no mechanical tuner, no found pick, no found strap and no new, or found, strings.

The song is named as it is because of the American term for autumn and because the atonal parts and rawproduction remind me a little of The Fall.


released September 26, 2015

johnny king - classical guitar and production



all rights reserved


Nightmare Puppy Edinburgh, UK

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