by Nightmare Puppy

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A fusion of the structurally and lyrically insane and nonsensical with musical ideas that are meant to be fun; it is with this album that we bid a final farewell to the ghost of Ornstein's Puppy.

This is the story of: Bulbasaur vs. Magikarp, the empress who sated her fetish for the moon by murdering bad jokers, immolation via volcano, the land that eats its inhabitants (and their children), and the end of the album. Listen if vaguely interesting.


released July 21, 2014

Nightmare Puppy is:

Johnny King - guitars, vocals, composition, programming, mixing
Buddy Caderni - keyboard solo on Tourniquet
Madeleine Taylor-Laidler - vocals
Chris Brown - vocals

Thanks to: everyone who devotes their time to listening to this



all rights reserved


Nightmare Puppy Edinburgh, UK

One day, we started to fight our fears. But then we became them. Apart from we're even scarier. Are you ready yet? One day you might change.

Nightmare Puppy plays lots of genres.

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Track Name: Moonshine
Die Kaiserin von Xylem wurde von allen ihren Feinden befürchtet, aber sie war so unglaublich schön, dass der Mond oft still für sie blieb.

The soft beautiful glow traces my forearms and makes me smile.

Caught in the moonshine, I have never felt so unworthy

If a man lies, or spews ridicule in my court, or furthermore, if he jests in a manner too trivial for my pleasing, then the shine of the moon shall behold his flayed limbs; he shall lie in his gore until the moon takes the light from his eyes.

As the moon, I watch the passing of days and the ending of lives. The tyranny of beautiful women mars not my gaze of kindness.
Track Name: Foglio Tre: Fantasma di Fuoco
Questo fuoco è cascato dal cielo
Questo fuoco è cascato cal dal cielo
E stiamo bruciando

Volcanic eruptions, such as that of Mount Vesuvius AD 79, have often been thought of as the gods immolating men as involuntary sacrifices, providing them with glorious deaths that would otherwise be unattainable.

However, another school of thought suggests that this burning is in fact absolution – the literal burning away of wrongdoings from wicked bodies.
In any case, the unbridled power of volcanoes is also said to leave spectral fires in the minds of survivors.
Track Name: Cliffface of Hostile Serpents
All aboard the magical mystery tour of the cliffface of hostile serpents!
All you can eat, see and shoot from only 7.99!
This trip is ab-fab-solutely unforgettable!

There has been a crash and the serpents are getting hungry; are you sure you want to go on?
Sure as I’m high!

At this stage, the bus was incinerated and all of the passengers’ corpses were eaten by the snakes.

The cliffface of hostile serpents remains Nevada’s most successful theme park, and the snakes are still getting fatter on the bodies of visitors cooked alive by inexplicable fireblasts.
Track Name: Predatory
New dawn, new horizon
Great road to the other side
Endless river, rolling hills
Perfect life

We want you, and your children

I set out and will never come back
I don't know where home is
Everything they told us was a lie
We won't ever be able to go back
Someone find us, please
All the good things are gone

I am so afraid, so alone
I will most likely never see another human face again
Help me
Doesn't anyone realise what's happening
PLEASE, take me away
No-one will ever remember this place
Track Name: Damn Good
Damn good.
Bad luck.

Any experience is gain, but only the best is growth.
I don’t want to recreate everything that’s happened, or be silly or contrived…
I just wanted to say goodbye, and to mean it.