Mirrored Headbutt​/​/​Romantic Porn

by Nightmare Puppy

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Mirrored Headbutt //Romantic Porn's history is long, complex and boring. It was conceived a year and a half ago and all of its three 10 minute+ songs were written within a week. And then none of them were included. Instead, Nightmare Puppy has compiled unreleased material, purpose-written new songs, a film score and a film soundtrack in a effort to satiate the Headbutt/Porn-sized hole in its discography.

Upon listening to this, it is not unforeseen that a fear will arise regarding the possibility of Nightmare Puppy having been enveloped by techno. Do not worry. More is to come this year, and it will be raw again. Everything Nightmare Puppy does is a departure; envelopment is not sanctioned.

The original tracklist

(1 - Shy Clarissa Schmoozes in a Goth Bar, December 2012
2 - Television is Blind
3 - Leonard the Cheetah's Midnight Adventure En Route To Pixel City)

will surface in some form in the not so distant future:

Peerless Puppy Earlyriser music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrY47Jgl0Pk


released February 10, 2017

Composition, production, guitar - Johnny King
Voice on Mirrored Headbutt - Kate Marston
Voice/free association on Destiny, Io's Bedroom//Demon Lovesong and Romantic Porn - Zoe Barnes
Voice on ntrmssn - Nathaniel Hess
Voice on Marie Writes on Day #14 - Amy Malone

Average Sandwich Records



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Nightmare Puppy Edinburgh, UK

One day, we started to fight our fears. But then we became them. Apart from we're even scarier. Are you ready yet? One day you might change.

Nightmare Puppy plays lots of genres.

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Track Name: Mirrored Headbutt
Crash, bash, mirrored headbutt, witches’ brew, a violent wager.


When you hurt yourself, it happens twice over…well, in syntax anyway. Maybe that’s why it’s so stupid. But what’s a lost puppy to do about it, especially when it’s all happening in a dream?

Displaced splinters of glass twinkle like broken stars. They’re all getting my face wrong, sending it in different directions across the room, through space.

And space is the place to be. There’s a disturbance in the seventy, but the planetarium is more or less immune. Purple light masquerading as gloom and eating all the shadows. Shadows that couldn’t be seen from an angle if they were there, because there isn’t a functional mirror anymore.

There’s more to see though: a little dog curled up on top of Neptune, thumping its tail against the stratosphere as it tries to wake up. Spectral fires, burnt survivors, death in Nevada, carnivorous Eden and the sadistic moonlight fetish: it’s all coming back now.

Fuck, my head hurts.
Track Name: Destiny
No, I'm not drunk! That's just what they told me, but it doesn't matter because it's lace and leather and hell forever, and - isn't it wonderful?
Track Name: ntrmssn
In these troubled times it is no simple matter to be a puppy, let alone a ghost. But there we are.

Our intrepid adventurer waddles ever onwards, through passes too dark to express with the modern palette.

For his is not a world of contrast, but rather an endless impasse that seemed to his…puppy eyes to be nature’s own architecture of fear.

Oh, do let’s go on…
Track Name: Romantic Porn

Hotel on the waterfront
The rhythm of your heart

I think that's how the world began, and that's how the world will go out: whimpering. Not whimpering in pain; whimpering with the delicate urge of a romantic orgasm. That's romantic porn. And you know what makes porn more honest? Everyone in knows about what's going on. It's not like real love, but it is real love because it's romantic porn. It's much more delicate and it crosses over that subtle line between everything. At the end of the world, that is all that will be left.